About the clinic. 

Dr. Park is a family physician who practices comprehensive family practice with special interests in Cosmetics as well.  She considers many aspects in Cosmetic Laser and Aesthetic Services; she tries to decide best treatment to improve skin conditions according to multiple aspects such as general health condition, personal life style and preference, and others.

Dr. Park believes the beauty of skin is the result from external care and internal health management. Therefore she uses multiple modalities; one of best lasers from Sciton, PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) from Harvest, Microneedling, Botox and Filler, Thread lift, Hydrabeauty, Cosmeceutical and Neutraceutical, Intravenous Nutrition, hormonal balancing by natural hormone and Pellet, and others.

Dr. Park also helps you care your skin for steady and long term with various modality, not only short term, even after laser treatment.

She believes the cosmetic skin care completes the art of medicine.

G2J Clinic is a certified practice, and has been awarded as the 2015 Patients’ Choice Award.