Weaving up the dragging of the skin. 

Thread Lifting is the procedure which helps lifting dragging face by implanting threadsThe thread lifting is safe and nonsurgical since the threads are melted over 6 months, and the effects last for 2 years.

Thread lift surgery uses a PDO substance dissolvable thread approved by the FDA to insert into the skin layer and pull toward the desired area. This facelift will regenerate skin cells around the area and improve wrinkles, skin elasticity, tone, and has the effect of a slimmer v-line chin. Insertion of thread-ends with a needle, into dermis of the skin to regenerate skin cells and give a lift effect. Inserted thread slowly melts inside of skin within 6 months; it is one of the most popular procedures these days for it avoids side effects that may occur after thread lift, such as having a bumpy skin surface or feeling of irritation. Usually it lasts for 2 years.



What are NovaThreads?

They are hypodermic needles preloaded with a PDO absorbable suture.

  • Natural results
  • No surgery, no pain
  • Lunchtime procedure
  • Uncontested for Neck & Jawline (but not limited to)

What is PDO absorbable suture?

It’s a synthetic absorbable surgical suture composed of polydioxanone. PDO sutures are used to perform cardiothoracic surgery (such as open-heart surgery). It’s one of the safest materials to be implanted in the body. Your skin fully absorbs it within 4 to 6 months & won’t leave you with any scar tissue.

What is the procedure like?

First, topical numbing cream will be applied on your face for 30min, and then injection can be given if you need strong lifting. Then each area can be implanted with PDO thread. Each area (forehead 30 min, both cheek and chin 1hr, neck 30 min) takes 30 min-1hr.  It can take up to 2 hours if the procedure involves entire face and neck, in addition to 30 minutes topical.

How does the NovaThreads Work?

In medical terms “Selective Inflammatory Response”, it is the principle behind a lot of aesthetic procedures (such as Fractional Laser, Chemical Peels & MicroNeedling). Our skin is very good at repairing itself, and by inserting NovaThreads we make it heal itself by creating new collagen naturally.

Any down time for thread lifting?

There is very minimum down time. You may experience bruises which is very minimum or none. There is slight swelling for few days, but it is very unnoticeable.

What are the side effects of the procedure?

There are complications from thread lifting; mostly from inappropriate skills, such as pus, knots, and asymmetrical shapes.  Most of complications arise from the use of non-absorbable thread.  To prevent these complications it is important to get thread lifting using FDA approved thread by well experienced practitioner.

How soon will I notice the effect?

You may notice the effect immediately or not.  If not your face will be lifted over few months.



Thread Lifting Demo


Before & After