How does the treatment work? 

You will need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Park and discuss the areas of your concern. Dr. Park will suggest the best treatment for you.

  • If you decide Laser(ProFraction), you get test spot behind one ear which needs to be followed in 2-4days. If you pass the test, you schedule the date of actual treatment.
  • When you decide the date for ProFraction, you need to consider down time if that is laser(PF: ProFraction); mild PF->down time 1-2days, moderate PF –>down time 3-4days, Deep PF—down time4-5days or less. Individual variation can be applied.
  • If you decide ProFraction and BBL(Broad Band Light), avoid sun exposure 4weeks before and after the treatment. If you plan to be exposed to sun light within 4weeks prior to ProFraction or BBL, then postpone your treatment until at least 4 week passes from the time of sun exposure.
  • If you decide other treatment, downtime is not significant. You may get immediate treatment if we can treat you on the date of visit.